31 October 2012

House... Of Lies.

I started watching two shows recently. House and House of Lies.

I'm watching the first one because I've been meaning to for a while now (I used to watch it on TV when it first aired until it started clashing with something) and also because I want to see Jennifer Morrison in a role different to Emma Swan (the character I'm loving her as in Once Upon A Time right now).

I am thoroughly enjoying House. Hugh Laurie is outstanding and I love Morrison as Dr. Allison Cameron. I also love Jesse Spencer as Dr. Robert Chase. I really like the idea of Chase and Cameron as a couple, but after watching 1x12 and seeing House and Cameron go and see Monster Trucks together, I kinda think they would make an alright couple! Twelve episodes in and I already ship one character with two people. So me.

House of Lies finally started on Aussie TV on Monday night. It was meant to air on Channel 10 a while back but they changed their minds about airing it and only now decided to show it on OneHD at 9:30pm. This is good because I really enjoy the series after the double episode this week. Kristen Bell is a favourite of mine and Aussie actor, Josh Lawson, is great in the series too. I also enjoyed Cat Deeley's guest role, very funny. But it's bad because it clashed with the first 15 minutes of Castle and clashed with Scandal too. I decided to tape Castle (I've already seen all the episodes of season 6 so far online anyway) and I'm watching Scandal online now (channel 7 is a little far behind, anyway).

Both these shows not only share a word in their name but they also share an important quality I look for when watching a TV series. They both have quality casts. This is the number one reason I watch a show - that I like the people who are going to bring the characters to life. That's not to say that I wouldn't watch a new show if I didn't know any of the actors in it, it just means that I'm more likely to watch a show when I do know who's in it.

I can't wait to watch all 8 seasons of House and the rest of House of Lies as it airs on Australian TV.

On my to-watch list tonight:

Sadly only more season 1 House episodes and,
8:30pm A Moody Christmas on ABC1

Watching too much TV will give you square eyes - biggest myth ever, my eyes are round.

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