13 October 2012

The last two films I saw at the movies were Australian.

Note: May contain spoilers for new Aussie film Mental!

It's not very often that I can say the title of this blog post rings true. (Oh, and I don't just watch TV, clearly I watch films too... And I read but I won't blog about that here!)

I love Aussie film but the sad reality is that, most of the time, I am unable to get to a cinema that is actually showing it.

Often, there are only a select few cinemas that show certain Australian movies and they are generally not in a convenient location for me. So, I should just wait and buy the DVD, right?! Well, often, they aren't really advertised when they're released or I have so many other shows I need to buy on DVD that, because they're Australian and they weren't harped on about when they were released, I forget. My bad, I guess...

In saying this, I do strongly believe that Aussie films need to be shown in ALL cinemas. It's the best way for people to know about these films and have a better chance to see them.

The only reason I saw Kath & Kimderella and Mental was because they were available in a variety of cinemas in various locations - and for a longer period of time.

The former of these films I absolutely loved. Although, I always have and always will love Kath & Kim. Jane Turner and Gina Riley are just superb.

The part of that movie which had me in hysterics though came thanks to Frank Woodley. I just lost it in the crowded cinema but, y’know, whatever! (I will definitely blog about his ABC1 show Woodley which I really enjoyed.)

And last night I saw Mental. Being a huge Rafters and Rebecca Gibney fan, and as I generally love anything Toni Collette is in, I just had to see it. It definitely didn’t disappoint. Rebecca was brilliant but I think Toni Collette officially stole the show for me as the ‘mental’ Shaz.

Toni is one of those actors that can play anyone. And she proves that in the one film with Mental. Is it really any surprise after her performance(s) in United States of Tara (a series which I got really behind on and must go back and watch from ep 1, when I can find the time.)?

Shaz, although she is Mental, has a soft side that really comes through in the film. The kids of the movie are also brilliant and each play a different, yet vital part in being 'mental' and showing us exactly that.

Of the two, I think I prefer Kath & Kimderella. I do love a comedy though and Mental was more dramatic with comedy splashed in quite a bit. Whereas, in Kath & Kimderella, there was a lot more humour with every word and scene. Which is to be expected from the Foxy Morons of Fountain Lakes, of course!

Anyway, I hope you get out to see both of these films. They really are two of the best that Australia has seen, certainly this year, anyway! You won't regret it and you will also be supporting our local film industry. It needs all the support it can get.

Note to self: I must see The Sapphires, Not Suitable For Children and The Wedding Party. These three I have heard really good things about, particularly the first.

My to-watch-list for tonight:

Not a lot. Saturday TV is really bad, generally.

I think I might put a DVD on or do some of an assignment for uni!


  1. I haven't seen either of those two and out of the two the only one I have interest in is Mental...

    However for sure you should check out the Sapphires thats as much of an Aussie movie as you can get like this years Red Dog...

    Also on my list to see is Bait as some of the actors in that i quite like Phoebe Tonkin, Lincoln Lewis, Martin Sacks and Sharni Vinson..

  2. I saw Red Dog. Definitely have to see The Sapphires. I also want to see Bait too! Someone else I really love is in that too. :)