26 October 2012

I'm watching [insert movie/show] just because [insert actor] is in it.

I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for watching movies or shows just because an actor I love is in them.

It could be the worst movie, yet I will sit through it just to see what the particular actor is like in it. Although, the movies aren't always bad. I've discovered some really good ones by doing this. And shows, too.

My latest show I've started watching from episode one, because of a particular actor (but truth be told I used to watch this show ages ago but stopped because it started clashing with something, most likely Australian) is House!

I'm watching it for Jennifer Morrison but also for Jesse Spencer and Hugh Laurie. Watched the pilot ep yesterday and loved it. Jennifer looks great as a brunette. And I was surprised to see Robin Tunney from The Mentalist in it (that's another show I need to watch from the beginning, I'm so behind but love it!).

I also finally watched Surviving Christmas yesterday. It's one of my mum's favourite Christmas movies and she constantly watches it. I had no idea Jennifer Morrison played Ben Affleck's love interest in it! It's a really good movie.

Other movies I've watched because of actors include Winter Passing (for Zooey Deschanel), which is actually a great movie - a friend spotted it while we were at JB Hi-Fi for $8 and it turned out to be a good buy for me. Yes Man is another one (for Zooey Deschanel and Sasha Alexander) again, great film. Also, My Sister's Keeper (for Emily Deschanel), good but very sad.

There are so many more, too. I don't regret it because I love seeing actors I love in other, earlier roles. Whether it be a good film/show or a bad one, it's always good to see them in something different and 9 times out of 10 I can see why it is I love them as an actor - versatility.

Some movies/shows I have recently put on my to-buy list for this very reason:

Warrior (Jennifer Morrison and Joel Edgerton).
Dawson's Creek (Sasha Alexander and Jennifer Morrison, among others).
Miracle on 34th Street (Jennifer Morrison and because it's a beautiful Christmas film).
Bringing Ashley Home (Jennifer Morrison).
Thor (Josh Dallas and Chris Hemsworth - and because Zachary Levi is in the upcoming sequel).
Hawaii Five-0 (Because I love this show and also, Josh Dallas guested in it).
Something Borrowed (Ginnifer Goodwin).
Walk The Line (Ginnifer Morrison).
Mona Lisa Smile (Ginnifer Morrison).
Win A Date With Ted Hamilton! (Ginnifer Goodwin).
Women's Murder Club (Angie Harmon).

Whoa! Long list, right? I think I'll start with the cheapest and oldest films first!

My to-watch list for today:

Grey's Anatomy 9x04 (online) at 12pm.
More season 1 of House tonight.
2x03 and 2x04 of Once Upon A Time (I started re-watching season 2 yesterday)
Friday night TV sucks pretty bad here in Australia! Especially without Friday night footy!

Until next time, I bet you can't watch more TV than me! (Well, maybe...)


  1. Yep ive done this:

    Loved Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spiderman and The Social Network so im in the process of watching his other movies...so I watched Never Let Me Go (also stars Kiera Knightely) and it wasnt too bad of a film. A bit strange I must admit but Mum thought it was super weird...and was wondering why I got it out...

    But the good thing was I def saw why he's such a good actor.

    btw Ginnifer Morrison isnt it Jennifer Morrison??
    and also you will enjoy Women's Murder Club I think it was quite a good show actually and now I remember Angie in that role

    1. Thanks for that, I mixed the two names together, lol.
      I really want to watch Women's Murder Club! I bet Angie is great in it and I heard good things about that show.

      Thanks for the comment, Andrew!