18 October 2012

I love Bones a lot... Biggest understatement ever!

Bones being a late inclusion in Seven's Sunday line-up last week was a last minute change I welcomed. I didn't expect Seven to air the show's 8th season until Autumn next year so I was happy to hear it was back so soon.

Although I have been watching the show online each week, I will be recording the show on channel 7 as well (and most likely watching it too - after House Husbands).

Three words pretty much sum up the season 8 opener for me: washing-machine sex! They are the words I was frequently using over on twitter in the lead-up to the episode. I had everyone a bit confused but intrigued, nonetheless!

I loved everything about 8x01. Particularly Brennan and Booth's emotional reunion. I was kind of disappointed though that they cut out a line that was seen in a promo for the episode. It really was beautiful and delivered perfectly by Emily Deschanel. See the promo below, there is a youtube link. Let me know what you think. The line is "because you love me" and is said after Booth asks how she knew he would find her. I just love it. Brennan says it like she is without a doubt certain Booth loves her. I just adore how matter-of-factly she says it. These two are my ultimate OTP (one true pairing).

Emily is someone I look up to. I love that she is so passionate about the environment and about animals. She is a vegan and an avid supporter of the charity Mercy For Animals. I'm also a big fan of her sister, Zooey Deschanel (more about that will be in another blog, for certain!).

And I love David Boreanaz too. His twitter pictures taken during filming are great, although I often have trouble deciphering what his tweets actually mean! He has a peculiar-style of tweeting, that's for sure. I often find his tweets don't make sense, but y'know, they're great regardless. Patrick Dempsey is another actor whose tweets need a certain level of decoding. It's more to do with his grammar though (again, this will go in another blog!).

Back to the episode - I'm really glad Brennan is back in the lab and working with the guys at the Jeffersonian! It really wouldn't be the same there without her. And yes, it's also good to see her and Booth getting steamy again! I really did love the scene towards the end with the washing machine - sexiness aside. I prefer Brennan as a brunette - the blonde wig just felt really unnatural.  I loved when she was drying her hair and Booth said "Bones is back!" Too cute, even for him.

I also loved the parts about Clark's binders. Angela and everyone else hated them and refused to include any of their findings in them, then Brennan comes back and loves them and asks why nobody has been using them - classic Brennan.

I can't wait for you all to see this Sunday's episode. And may I just say that there are some great guest stars coming up on the show. Including Danielle Panabaker, who I love (and her character is great!).

Until next time - adios!

My to watch-list for tonight:

1x04 and onwards of Once Upon A Time (bought season 1 yesterday as it was released here then).

8:30pm The second last episode of season 2 of Rake

9:30pm Lowdown

Then more Once Upon A Time most likely!

Bones 8x01 promo with unaired line.


  1. I think i must of missed the last ep of Bones the season final coz none of this made sense to me...but yes that bit u included about the files and classic Brennan was prob my fave bit

  2. Bianca, I love Bones too, but alas I only saw snippets of it last night. Thanks for that blog post, and I will try to remember to watch it next week; Sunday nights are always hard. Too much to choose from. House husbands, and Homeland, although I've only watched a little of that because I haven't seen Season 1 and would like to watch it first, before I get hooked on it, which is very likely if I keep watching. So i take it you've either seen Person of Interest already or you're not a fan, given your TV to do list for tonight.

  3. Bones is my favourite! I have heard good things about Homeland so I will need to watch season 1 to catch up on it first. I haven't seen Person of Interest. I watch too much that it's hard to keep up. I have to record Bones so I can watch House Husbands. And I missed Jack Irish because it was on at 8:30pm too! Thanks for the comment!