4 October 2012

A little bit about me and my early TV viewing.

You probably want to know who I am and why the hell I'm blogging TV. Why should I blog TV and what the hell do I actually know about it? Well, the best thing I can say to answer this question is: I watch a lot of it. And when I say watch, I mean watch. I know the stories, the characters, the actors, the news about the series itself and its creative team and also where it's filmed (in the case of Australian shows and some US ones). Oh, and my name's Bianca, but everyone calls me B. Just B, it's so much easier and I love it - even though I love Bianca lots too!

My point is - I love television. And not just in the sense that I love watching it and talking about it. I love everything about it. For me, enjoying a show entails many other little things. I love to research the cast and keep updated on renewals, air dates, cast additions and writers/producers. But mostly, I love talking with others and meeting them (and visiting filming locations and meeting the cast, which belongs in another blog or maybe a separate novel...). I love hearing what other people think.

Television would be boring if it were just - watching a show, thinking about it in the moment... 'Oh, no what Lexie Grey is dead?! I feel like crying'... I need to feel what a television show creates. And don't you? Don't you want to feel the emotions that these characters and actors bring to life?

Even as a young child I loved watching TV. And not just kid's shows either but actual Australian and US dramas. I stayed with my nan a lot over going places with my parents. I'd choose nan's house because she'd let me sit there and watch TV. There wouldn't be any arguing from my parents and I could sit there and enjoy escaping to the worlds of my favourite characters. Of course, I missed out on seeing Dubbo (a country town in NSW's north west) but I didn't miss an episode of Home & Away and Neighbours for some time. Can I complain? These days, yeah, I do.

What did I watch as a kid, you might ask? I watched a bit of everything. My favourite children's programs were Barney, Noddy, The Busy World of Richard Scarry, Arthur and The Saddle Club. I also read the books of some of these. Even as a four year old I would sit and watch Home & Away and Neighbours with nan. Sally Fletcher and Libby Kennedy may have grown up on screen but I grew up watching them grow up! My earliest TV memory seems to be the fire at the end of A Country Practice. I think I've always been scared of fires and that's why!

In recent times, my TV viewing has changed. Starting uni meant I often got home after 7 and sometimes at 7:30. I'd miss a lot, or all, of Neighbours and Home & Away and with shows on five days a week it's hard to keep up, even by recording and watching online. I really prefer to watch things on my own TV, especially Australian shows. Aussie websites for catch-up TV are pretty bad, I must admit (with the exception of ABC's iView and channel nine's catch-up site).

My first ever TV show love was for McLeod's Daughters. I lived and breathed the show from the age of 13 and still do to this day. It is what sparked my love of many other shows after it. Well, a deeper appreciation than what I once had for shows, anyway. (I did love Home & Away and Neighbours religiously before that though).

My favourite shows I can't miss these days are a mix of Australian and US dramas with some comedy in there too. I love my sport but that's a different blog that I don't feel qualified to write.

I love crime shows! I also love family-based dramas, series based in and around courts, and that are adapted from novels... And medical dramas - can't forget those!!

Favourites on air now (in alphabetical order): Bones, Castle, Grey's Anatomy, House Husbands (Aus), New Girl, Offspring (Aus), Once Upon A Time, Packed to the Rafters (Aus), Private Practice, Rake (Aus), Rizzoli & Isles and I feel like I have forgotten something really big, but there are definitely more. Feel free to shout them out if you know of any.

My favourites of those are really all of them. House Husbands is only new but I already love it as a series and am glad it got renewed for a 2nd season.

I really love Bones, Offspring, Rizzoli & Isles, Private Practice and Once Upon A Time. They have made an impact in recent times for me. Emily Deschanel, Asher Keddie, Sasha Alexander and Angie Harmon, Kate Walsh and Amy Brenneman, Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison are all some of my favourite people (I love powerful and talented women, always have always will), for their acting talents but also due to their passion for what they do, for their fans and the powerful human beings they are - inside as well as out. (More on all this in some other separate blogs!).

For now, I'll stop. I'll leave you with this: I love watching TV. BwatchesTV was a blog name I thought of in about two seconds flat. It's what I do. Plain and simple. It's not all I do but it's a huge part of what I am and how I live.

I hope you enjoy starting to see that through my blog and I hope you enjoy your stay.

It's not just a bunch of shows, it's a lifestyle for a fangirl like me.

On today's to-watch list (I'll leave you with this all the time):

Rake (Aus) - (8:30pm, ABC1)

Lowdown (Aus) - (9:30pm - 10pm, ABC1)

The Pilot of Rizzoli & Isles on DVD (watching episodes out of order currently).

Private Practice 6x01 (with my mum who hasn't seen it yet).

Check ya later! Thank you so much for reading, I promise my next blog WILL be shorter (unless you want it to be longer!).



  1. Hi B

    Cool starting post but I can already think of one u missed Puberty Blues

    I really enjoyed this:
    my to watch list

    Home and Away (Aus)-(7pm, Channel 7)
    Brynne: My Bedazzled Life (7.30pm, Channel 7)
    and last weeks double Smash

  2. I knew I missed something! I was going to bring that up in a later paragraph but forgot. My bad. Definitely will be posting about that soon!

    I need to catch up on Smash now that it doesn't clash with anything so I can watch it on TV!

    Thanks for reading, Andrew! :)

  3. very awesome blog bee, can definitely relate tv has played a huge part in my life too, and if it wasnt for tv i wouldnt have met you so xx much love Cat

  4. Aw, thanks for reading, Cat! Glad you liked it! Agreed, a world without knowing you is hard to imagine! So glad I DO know you. xx

  5. Hi Bianca I just followed you on Twitter and decided to visit your blog. It's early days yet but I think you have a great concept and I enjoy your style of writing it's very entertaining. Will add this to my blog roll and keep an eye out for your updates on Twitter. Keep up the great work.

    Grey's Anatomy Addicts: @ http://janelle-coulton.blogspot.com.au

  6. Thanks for the comment, Janelle. I really appreciate any opinions and it's great to know that my writing is liked. I enjoy it. Thanks for following me on twitter. Followed you back and will add your blog to my blog roll as well. I'm new to blogspot but I should be able to work it out.
    Thanks for reading!