8 October 2012

I watch way too many shows. Always room for more though, luckily!

Since Friday I have started watching not one, not two but three new shows! As if I don't watch enough as it is!

Show number one I started watching because I discovered the actress who plays my favourite character on Once Upon A Time, Jennifer Morrison, was a part producer of Glee in its early days. According to her recent interview on The View (see below for the link on youtube), she was a part producer during the show's first season and was one of the key people responsible for the show even making it on air.

Jennifer went to high school with Ian Brennan who was one of the creators and did choir group with him back then. She found out about the pilot through Brennan, before passing it on to Ryan Murphy (one of Glee's writers) who she knew was a great writer. And the rest is obviously history.

My best friend is the biggest "Gleek" I know and she's been trying, without success, to get me to watch Glee since she feel in love with it back when season 1 started in 2009. So, needless to say, she was very excited when, finally, I caved and was actually willingly watching Glee. I hope she doesn't think her attempts to get me to watch fell on deaf ears. Believe me, they did not! I remember every beg and plea and sitting through episodes of a show I was not interested in. If you're reading this, you should not be judging me - I now watch Glee, so cut your complaining!

The second of the three is Killing Time. I have it recorded and I'm going to watch it tonight after (the third show) Ben and Kate - I'm watching the pilot episode as we speak and really enjoying it. Usually, I am drawn to a show by its actors. I read a small article in TV Week this afternoon about the series and discovered that the main character of Kate is played by Melanie Griffith's daugher Dakota Johnson and that she used to model for Australian children's brand Mango when she was younger. I didn't doubt she'd be a great actress upon hearing this. She really is excellent.

Kate reminds me of Australia's Nina Proudman of Offspring (of which I am a massive fan!). Only differences between the two being Kate has a 5 year old daughter, works at a bar and lacks her own Patrick Reid. That last one is a crucial and sad difference, if I may say so myself!

I always feel really 50/50 after seeing the first episode of a show for the first time. I generally love the ep, but at the same time the want to see more sort of it makes me wonder whether the show is any good - even if I'm liking it so far!

I'm feeling that right now. I love the main characters and the actors who play them, but I just want to see more. I think double episodes usually fix this but, I guess, the whole point is making viewers tune in another week to know for sure. The joys of following a new series! I've heard great things about this one from people who have already seen it. I hope it lives up to what they've said.

I'm really looking forward to watching Killing Time tonight. Diana Glenn is one of my favourite Australian actresses (and especially after Carla Cametti PD - if you haven't seen this 2009 SBS series you must, it is brilliant and it's no surprise Diana and Vince Colosimo's chemistry on screen led to a real-life romance for the pair.). I also love David Wenham who is generally brilliant in every role he plays. Overall though, the cast is fantastic. A real ensemble Australian effort. I'm glad they brought it to free-to-air after it having had a run on Foxtel, and that I wasn't forced to buy the DVD.

So, as Ben and Kate ends, I leave you with my to-watch list for tonight:

7:30pm was New Girl (2x03, Fluffer on channel 10)
8pm was Ben and Kate (pilot ep, will definitely be tuning in next week).
And now Aussie Drama Killing Time which I recorded last night due to its clash with House Husbands (and also Underground which I wasn't really interested in seeing, due to what it was based on, more than anything).
After Killing Time, I think I might watch some Glee season 1. Borrowed the DVDs off my bestie and I'm up to episode 7. We watched 6 episodes in a night - wow. And we also spent way too much time fangirling (and taking photos of her name in my case...) every time we saw Jennifer Morrison in the credits (she's listed as an associate producer from around episode 3 until about midway through the season, and then again for the finale). We were also trying to figure out which character could loosely be based on Jennifer's high school self. We concluded Rachel Berry was the likely character. if any character actually were to have been based on JMo.

Until next time... Don't watch as much TV as I do - watch more!

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