13 February 2013

Did I mention I like crime dramas?

Recently I've added two more crime dramas to the very long list of crime series that I've fallen in love with. One is still airing and the other ended in 2008 after just one season. Since those two shows could be any number of crime dramas I'll just tell you that I really love Elementary and Women's Murder Club right now!

I've wanted to watch Elementary for a while (after seeing a THR Roundtable interview featuring Lucy Liu where she talked about the show). I decided to wait until it hit Australian TV and so far I haven't been disappointed. Jonny Lee Miller makes an excellent Holmes and Liu is equally as good as Watson. I really love that Watson is a woman and that the pair are just friends so far. The sexual tension definitely makes for some great viewing.

Miller's Holmes kind of reminds me of a cross between The Finder's Walter Sherman and Gregory House of House MD. He has the ability to pick up things that other people would miss (a la House) and has the charm and unique ways of solving a mystery like Walter.

I also like that Elementary is filmed in New York. I definitely prefer shows that are filmed where the show is set and aren't faking being in a different city. After only having seen a couple of episodes, I can't wait until I get to see Holmes and Watson's relationship develop a bit more. I have a feeling they might just become one of my favourite crime fighting duos.

Women's Murder Club is a series I've wanted to watch for a while now - for Angie Harmon. Only a few minutes in to watching the pilot and I was already drawing numerous similarities between Lindsay Boxer and Angie's Jane Rizzoli (of Rizzoli & Isles). The two characters are much alike - not just because they are both portrayed by super talented Angie!

I love that the lead characters are women. They're all very likeable, strong women in a field dominated by men which is always good to see in a series. I also like the teasing between them - especially toward Lindsay's relationship with her ex-husband, Tom, who becomes their new lieutenant.

I also noticed another similarity between Boxer and Rizzoli during the pilot. It seems they both have a serial killer they're trying to stop, one who has effected them in a very personal way. For Boxer it's the Kiss-Me-Not killer and for Rizzoli it's Charles Hoyt, 'The Surgeon'.

With Women's Murder Club, it seems to be another case of a good show biting the dust well before its time. I say this about so many programs but it really is a shame when good quality shows only get one season. I look forward to the 12 remaining episodes I have left to watch.

My To-Watch list (for a night that's almost over!):

1x05 of McLeod's Daughters (It's been way too long since I watched an episode!)
4x08 of Grey's Anatomy (I'm rewatching from season 4 at the moment)
1x01 of Women's Murder Club

It's highly likely I'll have discovered a new crime series by the time I've written my next post!