13 October 2012

Private Practice - Spoiler-free for Aussies

Right now I'm really loving Private Practice. I won't blog spoilers because I know how badly behind channel 7 are with airing season 6, but I will give you a little something to look forward to for when it does hit screens.

I saw an interview with Amy Brenneman on The View the other day. It has spoilers too I think, but I will place the link at the bottom of this blog in case you wanna watch it, anyway. I love Amy Brenneman.

Not only because she's tweeted at me a few times but also because of how passionate she is with things like politics, issues of human rights, gender equality and she is also pro-choice which is great. I didn't know until recently that she signed a list along with other people stating she has had an abortion.

I also didn't know that she had her colon removed! And that you can live without one if you have a small intestine. Wow.

I loved Judging Amy when I was younger and, for those who didn't know, Amy wrote and created the show, basing it on her mother's work in the US as one of the country's first ever female judges to graduate and practice. Although the character of Amy wasn't supposed to be her mother in any way. Just show her experiences.

I love Violet Turner in Private Practice. And I love Pete and Violet as well. In recent times, I sort of felt that they maybe aren't the best for each other but I have always loved their relationship with son, Lucas and the way in which they go about their jobs.

I have always loved Pete. For a while I wanted him to be with Addison more so than Violet, but that is for another blog (I shall do one on Kate Walsh and Addison Montgomery for sure!).

I have learnt so much from her and from Violet. I think I have learnt, most importantly, that anyone can make a difference in this world. I'm starting to learn that a lot more since studying teaching at uni, but I love that these characters and actors we love can also teach us things. It is amazing.

I just want to say, bottom line, Private Practice is well worth watching. Channel 7 will air season 6 next year by the looks of it. Which kinda sucks as there are bits of Private Practice which crossover with Grey's and since they are fast tracking that right now, we will most likely be almost finished watching season 9 before season 6 of PP starts. Well, that's 7 for you. Good with some things, bad with others.

I miss the days when Private Practice used to follow Grey's as well. Even in the states they don't do that anymore. Private Practice airs on Tuesday there and Grey's is on Thursdays. Which was weird, as I had no idea that one of the promos for PP referred to Mark's death in Grey's. Others seemed to get it though, must've been just me.

Before this post gets far too long, I must make my point - watch Private Practice!! Especially if you're a Grey's Anatomy watcher. They often crossover the two shows, even if it's just mentioning a character or if not, they have characters go from one show to the other. And you have to be watching both to get the full effects of the storyline.

I'll leave you with this.

Private Practice only gets better. And Shonda Rhimes, its creator is throwing everything she can at it, according to Brenneman, this season. Brenneman said in her The View appearance that it will depend on how the new shows do and how PP rates. I really do have all my fingers (and toes!) crossed for the cast and crew. It'd be a shame to see it go since it really is demonstrating some fantastic television of late. I'll watch it no matter what!

Currently watching:
Rewatching Private Practice season 2 (I'm near the end). Recently bought seasons 1 and 2 on DVD.
And watching the new season (6) online - livestreaming with the East Coast each week.

Ciao ciao and have a great weekend. Comments or whatever are most appreciated. Spam will be ignored.

Amy Brenneman on The View. Early Oct, 2012.

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  1. Bianca. I think Shonda Rhimes was aware that Private Practice would be axed. I also think that is why Kate Walsh jumped ship; smart women. I am sad that it's gone; and I didn't think I'd feel that way, but I'll miss my weekly fix of PP. I too love Amy Brenneman; she is a terrific actress and is indeed very passionate about some social issue as I am. But I hated the character of Violet; she was such an annoying character for me and I think it was because of her need to shrink everyone. Anyway just my opinion. Great Post BTW.