31 October 2012

House... Of Lies.

I started watching two shows recently. House and House of Lies.

I'm watching the first one because I've been meaning to for a while now (I used to watch it on TV when it first aired until it started clashing with something) and also because I want to see Jennifer Morrison in a role different to Emma Swan (the character I'm loving her as in Once Upon A Time right now).

I am thoroughly enjoying House. Hugh Laurie is outstanding and I love Morrison as Dr. Allison Cameron. I also love Jesse Spencer as Dr. Robert Chase. I really like the idea of Chase and Cameron as a couple, but after watching 1x12 and seeing House and Cameron go and see Monster Trucks together, I kinda think they would make an alright couple! Twelve episodes in and I already ship one character with two people. So me.

House of Lies finally started on Aussie TV on Monday night. It was meant to air on Channel 10 a while back but they changed their minds about airing it and only now decided to show it on OneHD at 9:30pm. This is good because I really enjoy the series after the double episode this week. Kristen Bell is a favourite of mine and Aussie actor, Josh Lawson, is great in the series too. I also enjoyed Cat Deeley's guest role, very funny. But it's bad because it clashed with the first 15 minutes of Castle and clashed with Scandal too. I decided to tape Castle (I've already seen all the episodes of season 6 so far online anyway) and I'm watching Scandal online now (channel 7 is a little far behind, anyway).

Both these shows not only share a word in their name but they also share an important quality I look for when watching a TV series. They both have quality casts. This is the number one reason I watch a show - that I like the people who are going to bring the characters to life. That's not to say that I wouldn't watch a new show if I didn't know any of the actors in it, it just means that I'm more likely to watch a show when I do know who's in it.

I can't wait to watch all 8 seasons of House and the rest of House of Lies as it airs on Australian TV.

On my to-watch list tonight:

Sadly only more season 1 House episodes and,
8:30pm A Moody Christmas on ABC1

Watching too much TV will give you square eyes - biggest myth ever, my eyes are round.

26 October 2012

I'm watching [insert movie/show] just because [insert actor] is in it.

I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for watching movies or shows just because an actor I love is in them.

It could be the worst movie, yet I will sit through it just to see what the particular actor is like in it. Although, the movies aren't always bad. I've discovered some really good ones by doing this. And shows, too.

My latest show I've started watching from episode one, because of a particular actor (but truth be told I used to watch this show ages ago but stopped because it started clashing with something, most likely Australian) is House!

I'm watching it for Jennifer Morrison but also for Jesse Spencer and Hugh Laurie. Watched the pilot ep yesterday and loved it. Jennifer looks great as a brunette. And I was surprised to see Robin Tunney from The Mentalist in it (that's another show I need to watch from the beginning, I'm so behind but love it!).

I also finally watched Surviving Christmas yesterday. It's one of my mum's favourite Christmas movies and she constantly watches it. I had no idea Jennifer Morrison played Ben Affleck's love interest in it! It's a really good movie.

Other movies I've watched because of actors include Winter Passing (for Zooey Deschanel), which is actually a great movie - a friend spotted it while we were at JB Hi-Fi for $8 and it turned out to be a good buy for me. Yes Man is another one (for Zooey Deschanel and Sasha Alexander) again, great film. Also, My Sister's Keeper (for Emily Deschanel), good but very sad.

There are so many more, too. I don't regret it because I love seeing actors I love in other, earlier roles. Whether it be a good film/show or a bad one, it's always good to see them in something different and 9 times out of 10 I can see why it is I love them as an actor - versatility.

Some movies/shows I have recently put on my to-buy list for this very reason:

Warrior (Jennifer Morrison and Joel Edgerton).
Dawson's Creek (Sasha Alexander and Jennifer Morrison, among others).
Miracle on 34th Street (Jennifer Morrison and because it's a beautiful Christmas film).
Bringing Ashley Home (Jennifer Morrison).
Thor (Josh Dallas and Chris Hemsworth - and because Zachary Levi is in the upcoming sequel).
Hawaii Five-0 (Because I love this show and also, Josh Dallas guested in it).
Something Borrowed (Ginnifer Goodwin).
Walk The Line (Ginnifer Morrison).
Mona Lisa Smile (Ginnifer Morrison).
Win A Date With Ted Hamilton! (Ginnifer Goodwin).
Women's Murder Club (Angie Harmon).

Whoa! Long list, right? I think I'll start with the cheapest and oldest films first!

My to-watch list for today:

Grey's Anatomy 9x04 (online) at 12pm.
More season 1 of House tonight.
2x03 and 2x04 of Once Upon A Time (I started re-watching season 2 yesterday)
Friday night TV sucks pretty bad here in Australia! Especially without Friday night footy!

Until next time, I bet you can't watch more TV than me! (Well, maybe...)

24 October 2012

For some magical viewing, watch Once Upon A Time!

I'd heard so many good things about Once Upon A Time that I was certain I'd love it once it hit Australian screens. I wasn't wrong. I just didn't know how much I would love it. The answer is more than I could ever have imagined.

My biggest regret is waiting so long for it to air on Australian TV. I should have just watched it online. Wasn't going to make the same mistake with season 2. I've been live streaming it each week.

My favourite character from the first episode was Emma Swan - and still is to this day. I love how badass she is and how committed to her son Henry she has always been since reentering his life.

My favourite couple has always been Snow White and Prince Charming ("Snowing"), Josh Dallas is a new favourite actor of mine. I hadn't seen him in anything else before OUAT. And Ginnifer Goodwin is the main reason I started watching the show. I loved her in He's Just Not That Into You which is one of my favourite films of all time.

I also loved Emma and Sheriff Graham as a couple. I knew he was going to die before it happened, as I saw a spoiler online, but I was still so sad when it actually happened. I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of him though. Thank goodness for flashbacks and fairytale lands!

As much as I hate Regina, I love Lana Parrilla and Regina before a young snow blabbed her secret about her and Daniel. Lana's 'Evil Regals' are just brilliant and she is so talented. In 'The Stable Boy' episode of season 1 it was remarkable how she could go from good to evil in the space of a scene, while talking to young Snow. I can't wait to see more of Regina's past.

Can I just say how attractive the cast of Once Upon A Time is?! Guys and girls - they are all so beautiful! Especially the guys. It seems there is some kind of requirement regarding attractiveness when they cast everyone - not that I'm complaining, I love all the eye candy! Special mentions go to Josh Dallas (Charming), Eion Bailey (August) and Jamie Dornan (Sheriff Graham). And I have a huge girl crush on Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin and Meghan Ory (Ruby).

If you haven't seen it, you must check out this year's Paley Fest panel with the cast. It's included as the last special feature on Disc 6 of season 1 (the Australian version). Such a good interview. If I knew the youtube link I'd include it but I couldn't find a good one.

I also need to mention Robert Carlisle's performance as Rumpelstilstkin. The giggle, the hand waving, the general wickedness and the use of the word 'dearie' are all just perfect! Every time Rumple does that giggle of his, I just lose it. I have tried to imitate it, failing dismally. He's also great as Mr Gold too. Definitely one of my favourites in the show. I also love Rumple and Belle ("Rumbelle") as a couple. They are so sweet and I love that Emilie De Ravin kept her Aussie accent for the show, that's just great!

Before this post gets too long, I'll leave you with my To-Watch List for tonight:

1pm: Live streaming Private Practice 6x04
And because Wednesday TV isn't the best, I'll be watching either Glee season 1 on DVD or Rizzoli & Isles season 1 or 2 episodes on DVD.

Until next time, keep watching TV!

18 October 2012

I love Bones a lot... Biggest understatement ever!

Bones being a late inclusion in Seven's Sunday line-up last week was a last minute change I welcomed. I didn't expect Seven to air the show's 8th season until Autumn next year so I was happy to hear it was back so soon.

Although I have been watching the show online each week, I will be recording the show on channel 7 as well (and most likely watching it too - after House Husbands).

Three words pretty much sum up the season 8 opener for me: washing-machine sex! They are the words I was frequently using over on twitter in the lead-up to the episode. I had everyone a bit confused but intrigued, nonetheless!

I loved everything about 8x01. Particularly Brennan and Booth's emotional reunion. I was kind of disappointed though that they cut out a line that was seen in a promo for the episode. It really was beautiful and delivered perfectly by Emily Deschanel. See the promo below, there is a youtube link. Let me know what you think. The line is "because you love me" and is said after Booth asks how she knew he would find her. I just love it. Brennan says it like she is without a doubt certain Booth loves her. I just adore how matter-of-factly she says it. These two are my ultimate OTP (one true pairing).

Emily is someone I look up to. I love that she is so passionate about the environment and about animals. She is a vegan and an avid supporter of the charity Mercy For Animals. I'm also a big fan of her sister, Zooey Deschanel (more about that will be in another blog, for certain!).

And I love David Boreanaz too. His twitter pictures taken during filming are great, although I often have trouble deciphering what his tweets actually mean! He has a peculiar-style of tweeting, that's for sure. I often find his tweets don't make sense, but y'know, they're great regardless. Patrick Dempsey is another actor whose tweets need a certain level of decoding. It's more to do with his grammar though (again, this will go in another blog!).

Back to the episode - I'm really glad Brennan is back in the lab and working with the guys at the Jeffersonian! It really wouldn't be the same there without her. And yes, it's also good to see her and Booth getting steamy again! I really did love the scene towards the end with the washing machine - sexiness aside. I prefer Brennan as a brunette - the blonde wig just felt really unnatural.  I loved when she was drying her hair and Booth said "Bones is back!" Too cute, even for him.

I also loved the parts about Clark's binders. Angela and everyone else hated them and refused to include any of their findings in them, then Brennan comes back and loves them and asks why nobody has been using them - classic Brennan.

I can't wait for you all to see this Sunday's episode. And may I just say that there are some great guest stars coming up on the show. Including Danielle Panabaker, who I love (and her character is great!).

Until next time - adios!

My to watch-list for tonight:

1x04 and onwards of Once Upon A Time (bought season 1 yesterday as it was released here then).

8:30pm The second last episode of season 2 of Rake

9:30pm Lowdown

Then more Once Upon A Time most likely!

Bones 8x01 promo with unaired line.

13 October 2012

Private Practice - Spoiler-free for Aussies

Right now I'm really loving Private Practice. I won't blog spoilers because I know how badly behind channel 7 are with airing season 6, but I will give you a little something to look forward to for when it does hit screens.

I saw an interview with Amy Brenneman on The View the other day. It has spoilers too I think, but I will place the link at the bottom of this blog in case you wanna watch it, anyway. I love Amy Brenneman.

Not only because she's tweeted at me a few times but also because of how passionate she is with things like politics, issues of human rights, gender equality and she is also pro-choice which is great. I didn't know until recently that she signed a list along with other people stating she has had an abortion.

I also didn't know that she had her colon removed! And that you can live without one if you have a small intestine. Wow.

I loved Judging Amy when I was younger and, for those who didn't know, Amy wrote and created the show, basing it on her mother's work in the US as one of the country's first ever female judges to graduate and practice. Although the character of Amy wasn't supposed to be her mother in any way. Just show her experiences.

I love Violet Turner in Private Practice. And I love Pete and Violet as well. In recent times, I sort of felt that they maybe aren't the best for each other but I have always loved their relationship with son, Lucas and the way in which they go about their jobs.

I have always loved Pete. For a while I wanted him to be with Addison more so than Violet, but that is for another blog (I shall do one on Kate Walsh and Addison Montgomery for sure!).

I have learnt so much from her and from Violet. I think I have learnt, most importantly, that anyone can make a difference in this world. I'm starting to learn that a lot more since studying teaching at uni, but I love that these characters and actors we love can also teach us things. It is amazing.

I just want to say, bottom line, Private Practice is well worth watching. Channel 7 will air season 6 next year by the looks of it. Which kinda sucks as there are bits of Private Practice which crossover with Grey's and since they are fast tracking that right now, we will most likely be almost finished watching season 9 before season 6 of PP starts. Well, that's 7 for you. Good with some things, bad with others.

I miss the days when Private Practice used to follow Grey's as well. Even in the states they don't do that anymore. Private Practice airs on Tuesday there and Grey's is on Thursdays. Which was weird, as I had no idea that one of the promos for PP referred to Mark's death in Grey's. Others seemed to get it though, must've been just me.

Before this post gets far too long, I must make my point - watch Private Practice!! Especially if you're a Grey's Anatomy watcher. They often crossover the two shows, even if it's just mentioning a character or if not, they have characters go from one show to the other. And you have to be watching both to get the full effects of the storyline.

I'll leave you with this.

Private Practice only gets better. And Shonda Rhimes, its creator is throwing everything she can at it, according to Brenneman, this season. Brenneman said in her The View appearance that it will depend on how the new shows do and how PP rates. I really do have all my fingers (and toes!) crossed for the cast and crew. It'd be a shame to see it go since it really is demonstrating some fantastic television of late. I'll watch it no matter what!

Currently watching:
Rewatching Private Practice season 2 (I'm near the end). Recently bought seasons 1 and 2 on DVD.
And watching the new season (6) online - livestreaming with the East Coast each week.

Ciao ciao and have a great weekend. Comments or whatever are most appreciated. Spam will be ignored.

Amy Brenneman on The View. Early Oct, 2012.

The last two films I saw at the movies were Australian.

Note: May contain spoilers for new Aussie film Mental!

It's not very often that I can say the title of this blog post rings true. (Oh, and I don't just watch TV, clearly I watch films too... And I read but I won't blog about that here!)

I love Aussie film but the sad reality is that, most of the time, I am unable to get to a cinema that is actually showing it.

Often, there are only a select few cinemas that show certain Australian movies and they are generally not in a convenient location for me. So, I should just wait and buy the DVD, right?! Well, often, they aren't really advertised when they're released or I have so many other shows I need to buy on DVD that, because they're Australian and they weren't harped on about when they were released, I forget. My bad, I guess...

In saying this, I do strongly believe that Aussie films need to be shown in ALL cinemas. It's the best way for people to know about these films and have a better chance to see them.

The only reason I saw Kath & Kimderella and Mental was because they were available in a variety of cinemas in various locations - and for a longer period of time.

The former of these films I absolutely loved. Although, I always have and always will love Kath & Kim. Jane Turner and Gina Riley are just superb.

The part of that movie which had me in hysterics though came thanks to Frank Woodley. I just lost it in the crowded cinema but, y’know, whatever! (I will definitely blog about his ABC1 show Woodley which I really enjoyed.)

And last night I saw Mental. Being a huge Rafters and Rebecca Gibney fan, and as I generally love anything Toni Collette is in, I just had to see it. It definitely didn’t disappoint. Rebecca was brilliant but I think Toni Collette officially stole the show for me as the ‘mental’ Shaz.

Toni is one of those actors that can play anyone. And she proves that in the one film with Mental. Is it really any surprise after her performance(s) in United States of Tara (a series which I got really behind on and must go back and watch from ep 1, when I can find the time.)?

Shaz, although she is Mental, has a soft side that really comes through in the film. The kids of the movie are also brilliant and each play a different, yet vital part in being 'mental' and showing us exactly that.

Of the two, I think I prefer Kath & Kimderella. I do love a comedy though and Mental was more dramatic with comedy splashed in quite a bit. Whereas, in Kath & Kimderella, there was a lot more humour with every word and scene. Which is to be expected from the Foxy Morons of Fountain Lakes, of course!

Anyway, I hope you get out to see both of these films. They really are two of the best that Australia has seen, certainly this year, anyway! You won't regret it and you will also be supporting our local film industry. It needs all the support it can get.

Note to self: I must see The Sapphires, Not Suitable For Children and The Wedding Party. These three I have heard really good things about, particularly the first.

My to-watch-list for tonight:

Not a lot. Saturday TV is really bad, generally.

I think I might put a DVD on or do some of an assignment for uni!

8 October 2012

I watch way too many shows. Always room for more though, luckily!

Since Friday I have started watching not one, not two but three new shows! As if I don't watch enough as it is!

Show number one I started watching because I discovered the actress who plays my favourite character on Once Upon A Time, Jennifer Morrison, was a part producer of Glee in its early days. According to her recent interview on The View (see below for the link on youtube), she was a part producer during the show's first season and was one of the key people responsible for the show even making it on air.

Jennifer went to high school with Ian Brennan who was one of the creators and did choir group with him back then. She found out about the pilot through Brennan, before passing it on to Ryan Murphy (one of Glee's writers) who she knew was a great writer. And the rest is obviously history.

My best friend is the biggest "Gleek" I know and she's been trying, without success, to get me to watch Glee since she feel in love with it back when season 1 started in 2009. So, needless to say, she was very excited when, finally, I caved and was actually willingly watching Glee. I hope she doesn't think her attempts to get me to watch fell on deaf ears. Believe me, they did not! I remember every beg and plea and sitting through episodes of a show I was not interested in. If you're reading this, you should not be judging me - I now watch Glee, so cut your complaining!

The second of the three is Killing Time. I have it recorded and I'm going to watch it tonight after (the third show) Ben and Kate - I'm watching the pilot episode as we speak and really enjoying it. Usually, I am drawn to a show by its actors. I read a small article in TV Week this afternoon about the series and discovered that the main character of Kate is played by Melanie Griffith's daugher Dakota Johnson and that she used to model for Australian children's brand Mango when she was younger. I didn't doubt she'd be a great actress upon hearing this. She really is excellent.

Kate reminds me of Australia's Nina Proudman of Offspring (of which I am a massive fan!). Only differences between the two being Kate has a 5 year old daughter, works at a bar and lacks her own Patrick Reid. That last one is a crucial and sad difference, if I may say so myself!

I always feel really 50/50 after seeing the first episode of a show for the first time. I generally love the ep, but at the same time the want to see more sort of it makes me wonder whether the show is any good - even if I'm liking it so far!

I'm feeling that right now. I love the main characters and the actors who play them, but I just want to see more. I think double episodes usually fix this but, I guess, the whole point is making viewers tune in another week to know for sure. The joys of following a new series! I've heard great things about this one from people who have already seen it. I hope it lives up to what they've said.

I'm really looking forward to watching Killing Time tonight. Diana Glenn is one of my favourite Australian actresses (and especially after Carla Cametti PD - if you haven't seen this 2009 SBS series you must, it is brilliant and it's no surprise Diana and Vince Colosimo's chemistry on screen led to a real-life romance for the pair.). I also love David Wenham who is generally brilliant in every role he plays. Overall though, the cast is fantastic. A real ensemble Australian effort. I'm glad they brought it to free-to-air after it having had a run on Foxtel, and that I wasn't forced to buy the DVD.

So, as Ben and Kate ends, I leave you with my to-watch list for tonight:

7:30pm was New Girl (2x03, Fluffer on channel 10)
8pm was Ben and Kate (pilot ep, will definitely be tuning in next week).
And now Aussie Drama Killing Time which I recorded last night due to its clash with House Husbands (and also Underground which I wasn't really interested in seeing, due to what it was based on, more than anything).
After Killing Time, I think I might watch some Glee season 1. Borrowed the DVDs off my bestie and I'm up to episode 7. We watched 6 episodes in a night - wow. And we also spent way too much time fangirling (and taking photos of her name in my case...) every time we saw Jennifer Morrison in the credits (she's listed as an associate producer from around episode 3 until about midway through the season, and then again for the finale). We were also trying to figure out which character could loosely be based on Jennifer's high school self. We concluded Rachel Berry was the likely character. if any character actually were to have been based on JMo.

Until next time... Don't watch as much TV as I do - watch more!

4 October 2012

Rake (2x05) - Quality Aussie drama

Each Thursday night I tune in to the ABC from 8:30pm onward. It really is the only place to be for someone who enjoys Aussie drama.

Richard Roxburgh is clearly the standout of the series as defense barrister, Cleaver Greene, but the show also boosts a stellar line-up of well known Australian actors as well as quality guest stars on a regular basis.

Cleaver is basically the guy you love to love, despite his flaws and misdemeanors. Richard brings the character across as funny to the point of forgetting that Cleaver isn't the most ethical or moral human being - even for someone who works in the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

I am constantly in fits of laughter. Season 2 has just continued to deliver and how could it not after where it left off in season 1?

Among the other key cast members are Matt Day, Russell Dykstra, Danielle Cormack, Kate Box, Caroline Brazier, Keegan Joyce and Adrienne Pickering.

Matt is excellent as Harry "sorry" David Potter, as he is known to Cleaver. He'll do anything to give Cleaver a taste of his own medicine but generally fails dismally.

Russell, as Cleaver's best friend and also his instructing soliciter, Barney, is also great in the show. Tonight he was seen trying to rid a mosquito from buzzing relentlessly around him while he slept, with the mosquito following him all the way into the bathroom while he went to get Aerogard and then causing him to slip into the bath tub where he broke his arm on the side of the tub. What's more satisfying than laughing at the misfortune of others right? Schadenfreude is the German term for it. We just can't help it, it's funny seeing others suffer - especially if they're fictional characters, right?!

Then there's Danielle Cormack who plays Barney's wife, Scarlet (or to Cleaver, 'Red'), whose marriage with Barney has been strained ever since she slept with Cleaver and got her license to practice law suspended and is now working for a dodgy slime ball of a politician. The only reason she's working with him is because she was able to bargain with the fact that she doesn't like Cleaver and it turns out neither does he. She might be regretting it now though. Tonight, she was tricked into covering for the guy, before finding out that he'd been accused of sexually assaulting a woman - all after she'd unknowingly given him an alibi!

And at this point, here's me just yelling at my TV screen - "open your mouth and tell the truth!" But of course, TV characters never listen to my demands or pleas or any such suggestions. They just do whatever they please... Even if they end up being crushed by a falling tree or something to that effect. I try, but what can I say, even I'm not that good!

I hope the truth eventually comes out. That guy really is a piece of work!

Then there's Kate Box, who plays Nicole who is virtually Cleaver's slave and cops his orders left right and centre, especially in tonight's ep. Little does Cleaver know that Nicole and Barney had a one night stand (even though Nicole is engaged to her long time love) and it's pretty funny when she breaks down into tears and he has no idea what's going on. Especially when Barney storms out after a quip Cleaver makes about her having "wedding jitters".

That's the thing about Cleaver. He is hilarious simply because he is a funny kind of character generally - the way he speaks, the way he acts - crafted brilliantly by Richard Roxburgh.

Caroline Brazier was probably my favourite main character in tonight's ep. Always terrific as Cleaver's ex-wife, Wendy (with whom he shares a teenage son, Fuzz played by Keegan Joyce), tonight she was seen trying to win back Cleaver's affections like a love-struck school girl. Cleaver's reaction to her obvious advances (stumbling along while walking away from him and coming to watch a court proceeding for the first time in fifteen years) were strangely entertaining, even to him.

Their teenage son, however, seemed to be right about one thing - his parents operate better the further they are apart. By the end of the episode when Cleaver turns up to dinner drunk, eventually pulling his pants down leaving only his tiny underwear for all in the restaurant to view, Wendy admits then and there for onlookers to hear that they are better off away from each other.

Finally, there's Adrienne Pickering who plays former prostitute and law student Missy. I have always liked these two romantically and, still, think that they would make a great couple. With Cleaver having tonight defended her after she was wrongfully accused of murdering her husband and getting her off, the two were closer but I can't see them getting together any time just yet. By Cleaver's standards, I'm surprised it didn't happen in tonight's episode! He does like his women, no denying that.

And like father like son, it seems. A couple of episodes ago, his son had been sleeping with the woman across the road who his father had thought about sleeping with but had been beaten to it, awkward...

My favourite line from tonight's ep came from guest star, Martin Sacks (who played the husband of the woman across the road):

"I always thought it was Cleaver. Cleaver was a bit flirty with her" to which Wendy replied "That's just his default setting".

I'm so glad it's been renewed for a third series, even if Richard Roxburgh has admitted he plans for it to be the last.

The more Cleaver Greene, the better, I say.

A little bit about me and my early TV viewing.

You probably want to know who I am and why the hell I'm blogging TV. Why should I blog TV and what the hell do I actually know about it? Well, the best thing I can say to answer this question is: I watch a lot of it. And when I say watch, I mean watch. I know the stories, the characters, the actors, the news about the series itself and its creative team and also where it's filmed (in the case of Australian shows and some US ones). Oh, and my name's Bianca, but everyone calls me B. Just B, it's so much easier and I love it - even though I love Bianca lots too!

My point is - I love television. And not just in the sense that I love watching it and talking about it. I love everything about it. For me, enjoying a show entails many other little things. I love to research the cast and keep updated on renewals, air dates, cast additions and writers/producers. But mostly, I love talking with others and meeting them (and visiting filming locations and meeting the cast, which belongs in another blog or maybe a separate novel...). I love hearing what other people think.

Television would be boring if it were just - watching a show, thinking about it in the moment... 'Oh, no what Lexie Grey is dead?! I feel like crying'... I need to feel what a television show creates. And don't you? Don't you want to feel the emotions that these characters and actors bring to life?

Even as a young child I loved watching TV. And not just kid's shows either but actual Australian and US dramas. I stayed with my nan a lot over going places with my parents. I'd choose nan's house because she'd let me sit there and watch TV. There wouldn't be any arguing from my parents and I could sit there and enjoy escaping to the worlds of my favourite characters. Of course, I missed out on seeing Dubbo (a country town in NSW's north west) but I didn't miss an episode of Home & Away and Neighbours for some time. Can I complain? These days, yeah, I do.

What did I watch as a kid, you might ask? I watched a bit of everything. My favourite children's programs were Barney, Noddy, The Busy World of Richard Scarry, Arthur and The Saddle Club. I also read the books of some of these. Even as a four year old I would sit and watch Home & Away and Neighbours with nan. Sally Fletcher and Libby Kennedy may have grown up on screen but I grew up watching them grow up! My earliest TV memory seems to be the fire at the end of A Country Practice. I think I've always been scared of fires and that's why!

In recent times, my TV viewing has changed. Starting uni meant I often got home after 7 and sometimes at 7:30. I'd miss a lot, or all, of Neighbours and Home & Away and with shows on five days a week it's hard to keep up, even by recording and watching online. I really prefer to watch things on my own TV, especially Australian shows. Aussie websites for catch-up TV are pretty bad, I must admit (with the exception of ABC's iView and channel nine's catch-up site).

My first ever TV show love was for McLeod's Daughters. I lived and breathed the show from the age of 13 and still do to this day. It is what sparked my love of many other shows after it. Well, a deeper appreciation than what I once had for shows, anyway. (I did love Home & Away and Neighbours religiously before that though).

My favourite shows I can't miss these days are a mix of Australian and US dramas with some comedy in there too. I love my sport but that's a different blog that I don't feel qualified to write.

I love crime shows! I also love family-based dramas, series based in and around courts, and that are adapted from novels... And medical dramas - can't forget those!!

Favourites on air now (in alphabetical order): Bones, Castle, Grey's Anatomy, House Husbands (Aus), New Girl, Offspring (Aus), Once Upon A Time, Packed to the Rafters (Aus), Private Practice, Rake (Aus), Rizzoli & Isles and I feel like I have forgotten something really big, but there are definitely more. Feel free to shout them out if you know of any.

My favourites of those are really all of them. House Husbands is only new but I already love it as a series and am glad it got renewed for a 2nd season.

I really love Bones, Offspring, Rizzoli & Isles, Private Practice and Once Upon A Time. They have made an impact in recent times for me. Emily Deschanel, Asher Keddie, Sasha Alexander and Angie Harmon, Kate Walsh and Amy Brenneman, Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison are all some of my favourite people (I love powerful and talented women, always have always will), for their acting talents but also due to their passion for what they do, for their fans and the powerful human beings they are - inside as well as out. (More on all this in some other separate blogs!).

For now, I'll stop. I'll leave you with this: I love watching TV. BwatchesTV was a blog name I thought of in about two seconds flat. It's what I do. Plain and simple. It's not all I do but it's a huge part of what I am and how I live.

I hope you enjoy starting to see that through my blog and I hope you enjoy your stay.

It's not just a bunch of shows, it's a lifestyle for a fangirl like me.

On today's to-watch list (I'll leave you with this all the time):

Rake (Aus) - (8:30pm, ABC1)

Lowdown (Aus) - (9:30pm - 10pm, ABC1)

The Pilot of Rizzoli & Isles on DVD (watching episodes out of order currently).

Private Practice 6x01 (with my mum who hasn't seen it yet).

Check ya later! Thank you so much for reading, I promise my next blog WILL be shorter (unless you want it to be longer!).