9 November 2012

Redfern Now and A Moody Christmas - ABC1 gems.

I'd wanted to check out Redfern Now after seeing a promo for it after Rake. I wasn't sure whether I'd like it but it had a great cast and was set in Sydney's Redfern, so I watched it to see. Verdict? I love it!

Each week the series tells the story of a family in inner-city Redfern, a suburb known for its Aboriginal population which carries with it a bad reputation for violence and crime.

I love that the series shows the good as well as the bad. It also has a great Aussie cast. The first ep starred Leah Purcell, Shari Sebbens (of The Sapphires) was in last night's ep and next week's ep features Deborah Mailman.

Then there's A Moody Christmas, also on ABC1 and featuring a great Aussie cast. I missed episode 2 but after watching episode 1, I will definitely catch up on iView. Jane Harber (of Offspring), Rachel Gordon, Patrick Brammall and Ian Meadows were the standouts for me - all terrific actors.

I loved that it was centered around a regular Aussie family at Christmas time. The storyline was one which I, and I'm sure many other Australians, could relate to. It's a unique idea for a show and I applaud its writers and creators.

Aussie drama seems to be on somewhat of a production frenzy at the moment. There are so many new shows I really can't keep track of them all. It's very rare that the amount of Aussie-made shows I'm watching on TV outweighs the American, but right now I reckon it's pretty close - about 40/60 in favour of US shows.

Good work, Australia. The more local content the better, I say!

On my to-watch list tonight:

8:30pm Tomorrow, When The War Began on channel 10.
Then I'm going to watch The Five-Year Engagement on DVD - borrowed it off a friend, haven't yet seen it.

Please, until next time, do yourself a favour and watch some Aussie drama. You will not regret it!

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