16 January 2013

Rafters is coming back to our screens! At last!

I was very excited to hear that Packed to the Rafters will be back on Aussie screens on January 29.

It feels like an eternity ago that it was last on our screens. Maybe because it was an eternity ago. Or in non-TV lover terms (if you're not like me and hate waiting for shows) then it has only been 224 days since the show was pulled off our screens, just 10 episodes in to season 5 (which has 22 episodes).

Whoa, it really has been a while! Luckily, the show has a few lovable characters returning. Nathan Rafter (Angus McLaren), Rachel Rafter (Jessica Marais) and Sammy Rafter (Jessica McNamee) are all coming back home. Although Rachel won't be back for at least 12 episodes time. Jessica Marais returns in season 6 (according to Wikipedia). I can't wait; it'll be just like old times... Well almost!

I'm not yet sure in what capacity Jessica Marais' character will be returning, but I'm hoping it's in person and not just via skype. A reunion between Jake and Rachel would be the ideal outcome for any Rafters fan. I also wouldn't mind seeing Nathan and Sammy back together.

James Stewart is leaving the show at the end of season 5, so maybe Jake and Rachel could depart the series together? We can only hope.

It's great news that Hugh Sheridan is returning to the series full-time. He originally was only coming back for a few episodes but since his channel ten series I Will Survive was cancelled, he decided to return to the show for good. I am very happy about this! As are most fans I would imagine!

The show has also officially been given the green light for a sixth season. So we will be guaranteed the remaining twelve episodes of season 5, plus an entire sixth season. Sweet.

I can't wait to see what's in store for the Rafter family when the show is finally back!

Rafters returns Tuesday January 29, at 8:30pm on channel 7. On Jessica Marais' 28th birthday.

My to-watch list for tonight:

Season 7 episodes of House.

Earlier today I watched the penultimate episode of Private Practice and the latest New Girl.

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