24 January 2014

"I don't wanna wait..." (Dawson's Creek re-watch time).

I may have only started watching Dawson's creek to see Sasha Alexander as Pacey's sister, Gretchen (in season 4), but I fell so in love with the show that, yes you guessed it, I had to go and watch it from episode one.

And I'm shamelessly hooked. For a 90s show about teenagers stumbling their way through high school, first romances and eventually college it really is one of the best out there.

At first I was a little unsure about whether or not I liked Joey. Don't get me wrong, Katie Holmes is brilliant, but Joey annoyed me at first with her crush on Dawson. But then Jen started to annoy me and I couldn't wait for Dawson to dump her and get with Joey.

Plot points aside, I am glad I started watching this classic drama again. Some memorable 90s songs have popped up in the show too. And seriously, how catchy is the theme song (hence the title of this blog) I find myself belting it out with every episode I watch!

There has also been some cool guest stars. I'm currently watching season 2, episode 6 and up until this point some guest stars include Eion Bailey (August on OUAT) as Jen's ex and Tamara Taylor (Cam on Bones) as an architect.

I can't wait to see who else pops up and to see who ends up with who. Despite having the ending spoiled for me (on, you wouldn't believe it - the QuizUp app which I am addicted to!) I can't wait to finish all 6 seasons.

Up next on my never ending list of TV shows to watch (mainly because I was too young to remember watching them or because I only seen a few episodes) is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Being a huge Bones fan I love David Boreanaz and I've always been a big fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar (love The Crazy Ones!) so I'm really looking forward to those two in the show.

I'll leave you with my To-Watch list for tonight:

Dawson's Creek 2x06 (The Dance)
Chicago PD 1x03 (for the second time)
Cowgirls 'N' Angels (If I'm not too tired. It stars Bailee Madison).

Blog ya later. Hopefully I'm finished Dawson's Creek by then (but I doubt it, it's taking me forever!)

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